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Keep your teeth for life

Education is the key and at Paradise Dentistry, this is our focus. Acting as the foundation for maintaining oral health, the right knowledge will ensure you have your teeth for life.

Dr Troy Evans

About Us

Paradise Dentistry is a forward-thinking dental practice in Runaway Bay with a strong focus on prevention. Not enough emphasis is placed on teaching in the dental practice and this needs to be changed.

Ask yourself these questions:
Who taught me how to brush?
Who taught me how to floss?

Too commonly, the answer to these questions is no one!

Education is paramount to maintaining oral health. Dr Troy Evans and Dr Renee Heathcote are dedicated to upholding the core value of education and paving the way for a healthy dental future for patients.

Qualified Caring Dentists

Dr Troy and Dr Renee are meticulous when it comes to your oral health. We take the time to get to know each of our patients, and ensure they get to know us. Mutual trust and respect is vital to creating a long lasting relationship to secure your dental future!

Team Approach

At Paradise Dentistry we have a wonderful team that takes pride in our ability to provide the highest standard of service to our patients. With our invaluable knowledge and experience we can pass on the crucial information to you, to secure a happy smile worthy of paradise!


We don’t just treat the mouth, we treat the body as a whole. Your oral health is directly implicated by your general health.

The Team at Paradise Dentistry

Services available at Paradise Dentistry

Paradise Dentistry offers a variety of treatments and we will be able to help, no matter what you require.

HICAPS is available for those who would like to claim from their insurance fund instantly.

Patients eligible under the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule are entitled to dental treatment with no out-of-pocket expense.

If the cost of treament is a worry, MacCredit can provide you with a flexible payment plan. Find out more at: MacCredit

Check-up and Clean

If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, what would you do? Service it? Look after it? Treasure it?

A routine examination and clean is the most pivotal part of your oral health.

With periodic check-ups we can find issues before they become detrimental to your oral environment and regular cleans ensure (with your help at home of course) that the vitality of your gums lasts a life time!

This is also our chance to coach you in your cleaning techniques. Even the BEST sports stars have a coach!


Despite all our best efforts some teeth from time to time still need to be filled.

Paradise Dentistry has every type of material available to suit any situation. We take enormous pride in our restorative work whether it be structural or cosmetic.


Unfortunately, in some circumstances, even our amazing team at Paradise Dentistry can’t save all teeth.

Dr Troy and Dr Renee will make this experience quick and painless, so you can get back on track for optimum oral health!

Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes in order to save a tooth we must first root canal treat it. This can avoid much higher costs like bridgework or implants.

Here at Paradise Dentistry our team uses the latest in rotary technology to remove and replace nerve tissues, ensuring that our patients have the highest standard of success possible.

Removable Dentures

Dr Troy is a third generation dentist and this means he draws on over 100 years experience in making removal appliances (dentures).

Dr Troy and Dr Renee work closely together to make sure you get the best possible fit and most beautiful outcome.

Crown and Bridge

This is where the art and science of dentistry truly come together.

Paradise Dentistry uses the best laboratory staff and highest quality materials to make beautiful and durable replacements for teeth in all circumstances.

Teeth Whitening

Unfortunately some of lifes guilty pleasures like coffee, tea and wine, and the inevitable aging process can cause tooth discolouration. Teeth whitening is an easy way to improve the appearance of your teeth and your confidence!

At Paradise Dentistry, we offer take-home whitening kits. Book an appointment today with Dr Renee!

Children's Dentistry and Child Dental Benefits Schedule

A child is never too young to see the dentist. Educating your child from a young age will ensure they have the proper skills and knowledge to keep their teeth for life.

Children and teenagers can be eligible for up to $1000 in benefits for dental services over two consecutive calendar years if they are:
– Aged 2 to 17 years for at least 1 day of the calendar year
– Are eligible for Medicare
– Are part of a family that receives certain government benefits

Give us a call to check your child’s eligibility.

Find out more at: Human Services – Child Dental Benefits Schedule


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