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Despite all our best efforts some teeth from time to time still need to be filled.

Paradise Dentistry has every type of material available to suit any situation. We take enormous pride in our restorative work whether it be structural or cosmetic.


Silver amalgam dental fillings have had a bad rap over the past few decades. They have been blamed on causing Lupus, MS and all manner of systemic diseases.

There is however no science behind these claims and currently every dental associciation and the World Health Organization all agree that Silver Amalgam fillings are not only a safe and economic material to fill teeth with, but also far superior in many situations to other resin-based materials used today.

We don’t routinely place Amalgam fillings. But we do believe in their saftey and efficacy and will continue to offer it when indicated. Please discuss with us if you specifically do not want this type of material used in your mouth

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